I attended the Interagency Bison Management Plan (IBMP) meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 8 and was completely flabbergasted by it. I heard more talk about how to discuss the issues than any discussion on the issues themselves. 


We pay a lot of money to have these agencies sit around and try to come up with something that resembles an intelligent plan and I have yet to see it happen. I heard a lot of talk like vaccination, quarantine and trapping. I don't believe these are affective ways to manage wildlife, and from every one of the public comments after the meeting I would say the citizens of Montana agree with me. 


The Department of Livestock clearly doesn't want any bison to set foot in Montana and would be happy to gun them all down. Fish, Wildlife and Parks is willing to listen to the people's cries of more habitat for wild bison but only if they increase the number of hunting tags ensuring death upon all that access it. 


APHIS wants to radio collar and probe bison orifices as a means of testing before they would agree to allow any in the state. Who knows what the Forest Service wants because it seems the only reason Mary Erickson is at these meetings is to talk in circles and never make a point. 


The Park Service's team of biologists seem to realize the mismanagement of the bison but are trapped in the IBMP being politicked into a hole; sometimes by their own agency. 


The only logical thing any Montana resident can do to preserve the integrity of America's animal, The Great Bison, is to immediately call for the dissolving of this council of people who want to harass, slaughter and destroy the only population of truly wild, genetically intact bison on the face of the planet. If we don't defend them we may lose them because if left in the hands of the IBMP they will surely vanish.


Tony Reed


West Yellowstone